It is with sadness that I announce to our friends and fans that Unified Past has officially come to an end. I couldn’t thank you all enough for your support of our music through the years. The growth and progress we made through the years is something I will always be proud of. Who can bang it out on the kit better than my band partner Victor Tassone? His brother Frank took painstaking time analyzing each note and sound to ensure sonic perfection in his productions.

In 2013 we recruited Dave Mickelson on bass and took a solid leap forward with “Spots”, a recording that contains some of my favorite works.

In 2015 we had the wonderful experience to work with Phil Naro and release our most consistent recording track for track with “Shifting the Equilibrium”.

There’s so many people to thank, most especially Nick Katona and Rebecca Avelar at Melodic Revolution Records. They pushed so hard for us through the years and eventually presented us to George Roldan who gave us an opportunity to perform at Rosfest 2017. It was a highlight for the band as well as for me personally and I am very thankful for that experience. It would have never happened without Roger Banks and John Battema committing to play with us - so a huge thank you to you my friends. I cannot also overlook my friend Jason Hanley, who also contributed keys for us in the summer of 2016.

10 years and 4 cds is a pretty good run for an independent band and is something we will always cherish.

Thank you all!


                  A word from Steve

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